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In-Demand Jobs, On-Demand. 

We are building the next generation of platforms that will power the future of work.

Interactive Profiles

Use audio, video and more to create an interactive profile page and replace your outdated CV. With our Kaam app you can Instantly create an attractive, personalised and shareable professional profile that brings your story to life.

On-Demand Jobs

The ultimate exchange for qualified job seekers. We connect you with a steady stream of full-time and flexible jobs that are short and quick to complete - all from your home, office or favourite remote destination

Kaam Crypto

Our goal is to power the freelance revolution by getting you the fastest cross-border stable currency that is accepted by merchants that support your journey as a digital nomad.

A Quote From Our CEO. 

The pandemic has fast tracked digital transformation across every industry. With millions of jobs disrupted and lost, our aim is to bridge the gap by creating the world's largest platform for full-time and flexible jobs for jobseekers."

— Rishi Khiani, CEO of Kaam.com 

Rishi Khiani

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